Baby Massage: 5 Reasons Why Your Baby Could Benefit

Massages are a wonderful treat for tired and stressed parents who are operating on only a few hours of sleep. However, did you know that massages are great for newborn babies as well?

Just like how adults feel much more relaxed during and after a massage, children feel the same way, too. The combination of a gentle baby massage and organic oil can make your baby feel more relaxed. In turn, this can help with some of the biggest problems parents face: fussy babies, colic, and difficulty putting their baby to sleep.

Check out some of the health benefits a baby massage offers.

1. Aid With Digestion

A gentle belly massage can help stimulate your baby’s digestive system. It can also help them release gas, whether it’s through burping or tooting. It could even help with colic issues and constipation!

2. Boost Blood Flow

Baby massages can also help stimulate your baby’s circulatory system. By boosting your baby’s blood circulation, you can help promote their physical growth for better flexibility, strength, and muscle tone. Massages are a great way to prepare your baby’s limbs and muscles for crawling and walking.

3. Minimize Growing Pains

All parents have heard of growing pains. Babies who grow fast are more likely to experience growing pains. Massaging your baby’s arms and legs can help ease any discomfort they might feel as their body develops and grows.

4. Improve Neonatal Jaundice

Studies suggest that massaging babies may also help improve neonatal jaundice, or the yellowing of the skin because of high bilirubin levels. Findings show that regular baby massages helped bring down jaundiced babies’ bilirubin levels and improve their pooping frequency.

5. Emotional Benefits and Bonding Time

Giving your baby a massage doesn’t just offer great health benefits. It can also be good for their emotional well-being since they get to spend more skin-to-skin time with their parents.

Additionally, massages give you more opportunities to bond and strengthen your connection with your baby.

The Bottom Line

Why not give it a try yourself? All you need are your hands and some massage oil. It may take a few practice tries to get the hang of it, but as long as you are gentle and maintain a soft, loving touch, your baby will enjoy the massage — and its health benefits.

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