Our Mission...

To create a brand built around sustainability. Focusing on reducing our impact on the environment, and giving back to people in need.

We choose organic cotton to reduce chemical exposure & water usage, and to offer the best quality material for our children’s skin. 

We choose ethical production to support farmers and factory workers, so they receive fair wages and good working conditions.

We choose recycled materials for our mailer bags and packaging to help counteract the fight against plastic.

And we created timeless designs that will last; made to be uplifting and motivating to anyone that sees them. So they can be worn time after time.

Our goal is to start locally here in NYC, donating your loved Beaus+Babes clothes to shelters we have connections with. Our long-term vision is to grow enough that we can send your donations to shelters across the country and eventually, internationally.

We can do it, with your help.