Battling Sleep Regression

As parents, we know how important sleep is to us and our children. However, sleep struggles are also part of their development. If your tot who used to sleep well at night suddenly refuses to go to bed or wakes up in the middle of the night, they might be experiencing sleep regression. Read on to know why this happens and how you can overcome it.

Why Does Sleep Regression Happen?

There are several reasons behind your little one’s sleep regression. They may have separation anxiety — the same phase as when they were still a baby. Your adorable child simply wants to have mom and dad around. Life changes like having a new sibling or another babysitter can also cause regression.

Loud noises like barking dogs, bright lights, an extremely cold or warm environment, and uncomfortable clothing are possible reasons too. Check if they’re teething or have a cold, fever, or ear infection. Their bedtime might be too early or too late as well.

How Long Does Sleep Regression in Toddlers Last?

Toddlers’ sleep regression may last for just a few days or weeks if the cause is identified and resolved immediately. However, it can also go on for months if not handled properly.

How To Overcome Sleep Regression

To help your precious little one overcome sleep regression in organic ways, establish a routine an hour before their bedtime. Take a nice warm bath, read together, use white noise as background, dim lights, and sing a little lullaby.

Consider using the patience stretching technique too. Teach them how to wait for something they want like food or a toy by implementing a few seconds of delay before giving them the reward. Don’t forget to praise them for patiently waiting!

Final Thoughts

Sleep regression is indeed part of your toddler’s development. With patience and the right techniques, your little one will soon be a great sleeper again!

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