A Starter Kit To Keep Toddlers Happy

A parent’s life can be fulfilling but also challenging at the same time. As a mom, I know firsthand how much of a roller coaster caring for a toddler can be. Thankfully, I’ve learned my lesson and found excellent ways to minimize their cries and tantrums.

You might be asking, “What does it take to be a great mom to your toddler?” Just a few things, really. And I know you’re going to love them as much your little ones will. 

So, here’s some essentials to keep your youngster happy:


It’s great that your babies learn how to crawl and walk in just a few months. There’s one catch, though: they want to go anywhere! As a fix, many parents will just put them in a crib and pray to the heavens that they won’t cry.

Spoiler alert: they will.

So, how can you make them happy? With a playmat!

Playmats reduce the bumps and friction toddlers encounter when exploring the floor. Also, their texture makes playing with them more comfortable (and safer).

Sleeping Bag

Babies move a lot, even when they sleep. But you might already know that!

Enter the sleeping bag.

Sleeping bags are great at keeping your babies still while they doze off and sleep through the night. Choose the right size for your toddler. Also, it should be said that sleeping bags can be warm enough to wake them. Pair this toddler tool with good ventilation, and you’re good to go.


Footless rompers allow your toddling-toddler to find their feet and get some grip. No additional slips and slides!

These stretchy, snap-crotch outfits are perfect for baby comfort and convenience. Need to change diapers? Just pop the snaps, and you’ll change them in no time.

I have some adorable designs in short sleeve, long sleeve and tank rompers. Nothing beats a romper when it comes to coziness and comfort.

Stuffed Toy

Babies are social beings too, so they’ll need a constant companion. Of course, you can meet other parents with toddlers, but they’re not always there.

Stuffed toys offer ample opportunity for your child’s social development skills and find a comfort object when feeling down. A stuffed toy also helps your child’s emotional well-being and empathy. So, it’s always a good thing to get one for them. 

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