Parent hacks to make your life easier

There is no getting around it; parenting is hard. There will be times when you feel you’re failing at everything and times when you feel you’re a super parent, as well as everything in between.  

Luckily there are some simple parenting hacks to make your life just that bit easier: 

  1. Online grocery shopping is a life saver! Lighten the load by giving yourself some extra time, there are some great apps that will deliver your groceries to your door! Grocery stores and children don’t mix.
  2. Instead of presents for your birthday, ask for babysitting, if you have family members or friends nearby, cash in on the gift of babysitting duties. You're going to need time off.
  3. Fold out the little flaps on juice cartons and get your child to hold onto those instead of the carton itself. 
  4. Pool noodles make cheap and effective protection for trapped fingers. Slice it down the middle and put a section over doors to make a door stop. 
  5. When staying away with your child, take a roll of tin foil to make emergency blackout blinds for the window. Wet one side of the tin foil with water and simply stick it to the window and ta-da darkness!

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