Baby Shower Ideas On A Budget

Similar to any other party, baby showers are a load of fun! They are filled with exciting activities as well as gift-giving to prepare the parents-to-be for the birth of their new baby. But, if you don’t want to shell out a lot of money, here are some budget-friendly ideas to help you create the baby shower of your dreams.

What’s the Theme?

First thing first, what’s the theme? If you want to stay within budget, we recommend choosing a theme that’s versatile, classic, and timeless. You can use your favorite colors, patterns, or hobbies since these are the themes you can play around with the most. 

For example, if you choose colors, you can probably DIY most of the decorations and buy most of the props at the dollar store. 

Fun and Engaging Activities for Everyone

Moving onto the games, we have some fun inexpensive games that everyone will surely love.

“Who’s Most Likely To” — Baby Edition

A host or a friend will ask a series of questions and the parents-to-be will point at each other to find out who’s most likely to get into that situation. 

Guess the Baby’s Name

Another great game is to let the guests guess what the baby’s name will be. You can give each of them a piece of paper and pen to write their guesses, then at the end of the game, you can collect the papers in a glass jar and read the guesses out loud. 

Fun Gift Ideas

To finish the party, you can open some gifts. Take note that many of your guests may not know what to give you exactly, so it’s good to give them a list of items you may want. Check out our adorable bodysuits or milestone plaques as the perfect gift.

Enjoy your baby shower on a budget with these practical and exciting ideas. 

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